PO Box 2581 - Fontana, CA 92334

(909) 333-1364

House of H.O.P.E.

Homeless Opportunity for Personal Enrichment



Goals & Objectives

House of HOPE’s goals are to empower, enlighten, and enrich men (and women in the future) whose lives have been shattered because of homelessness and/or substance abuse.

The project’s fundamental objectives are:  Enabling men (and women in the future) who are striving to re-enter society due to homelessness, release from prison and/or substance abuse to their full potential.


The solutions House of HOPE will implement to address the challenges are:

  • Procure a facility site
  • Complete a search for staff
  • Evaluate the program 
  • Design and implement a Public Relations campaign.

Currently, House of HOPE has established a Board of Directors who are in the process of designing and executing a funding strategy.


In order to accomplish House of HOPE’s mission and vision, we need the following resources: 

  • First year’s funding of $230,000
  • 4 homes that will accommodate 6 beds each during the first 2 years; After 3 years, acquire a facility that accommodates up to 25 or more beds
  • Endorsements from governmental entities and representatives 
  • Qualified Board of Directors – professional and experienced 
  • Networking that leverages  wisdom, workers and wealth 
  • QuickBooks accounting software with accrual basis accounting, which will be hosted by a CPA firm

Output/Service Delivery

Once the solutions are accomplished, House of HOPE will conduct and produce the following evidence of delivery/service:

  • Review a minimum of 30 referrals per year to the home
  • Accommodate more than 50 individual visits per year
  • Train more than 35 volunteers per year
  • Distribute at least 1,000 House of HOPE flyers and drug education brochures
  • Receive at least 50 inquiries per month seeking feedback about House of HOPE


House of HOPE wholeheartedly believes that once the above activities are accomplished in approximately 7-10 years, the community will be positively impacted in the following ways:  Client/co-client payments will be 20% of House of HOPE’s operating costs, 100 qualified volunteers will serve regularly each year, 10 grant applications will be functioning at all times, House of HOPE will be a model home and sustainable, an endowment will be established for House of HOPE, 95% patient satisfaction realized in 3 years, and 500 or more patients will be served per year.

Overall, homelessness in San Bernardino County will decrease because of our services.